The Hat Can


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The Hat Can by Cowboy Cases LLC puts a new spin on an old classic. Lets face it the old hat carriers were not easy to use and down right ugly. The Hat Can is easy to use with a durable rubber handle and comfortable backpack straps. No more walking through the airport with two hats on your head or driving across the country with your best felt hat falling off the dash every two minutes. Now you can rest assured your hat will be in perfect shape every time you pull it out of The Hat Can. Made out of sturdy EVA material you can throw it in the trailer, backseat, in the airplanes overhead compartment or carry it on your back and never worry about the shape of your favorite hat changing. Fits most hat styles and sizes, will fit 4 3/4’ brim shaped or unshaped, will even fit some 5” brims. Can accommodate 2 ropes and 2 hats, however, every hat is shaped differently so not guaranteed to fit 2 hats.

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